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    Kubernetes Administrator Training | CKA Exam Training

    Course offered at Tech Transit are the essential course for those IT Professionals or who
    are new to the Linux world and require training in core Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills

    Kubernetes is one the most popular and highest trending open source technology in orchestration that manages, scale, and deploy container applications. DevOps engineers are mostly always in high demand and higher salaries than software engineers. Knowledge of Kubernetes is essential for any DevOps professional. Kubernetes Administrator Certification maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation ( CNCF )  and designed by Google, will grow your skills and give you credibility in the field while preparing you for the CKA exam.

    • Introduction Core Concepts Kubernetes technology

    • Scheduling PODS

    • Logging & Monitoring

    • Application Lifecycle Management

    • Cluster Maintenance

    • Kubernetes Security

    • Storage & Networking

    • Install Kubernetes and through Kubeadadm

    • Comprehensive Review & Practice Doubts

    Duration: 5 days  or 40 hrs

    • Virtual Training
    • Video Classroom
    • Online Training
    • Classroom Training
    • Onsite Training

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