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DevOps Tool : Docker & Containers

Course offered at Tech Transit are the essential course for those IT Professionals or who
are new to the Linux , Cloud & DevOps World .

  • Introduction to Docker Containers

    In this course you will be able create,deploy and manage containers using Docker Platform.

  • Overview of Container and Docker Architecture

    In this topic describe the architecture of Linux Containers and containers implementation using Docker.

  • Docker Basic Commands

    In this section you will able to find,search and fetch the images from docker hub .

  • Create a Docker Container

    Run/Create the docker container and advanced docker run commands

  • Managing Docker Images

    Learn to manage docker images from creation to deletion.

  • Creating Custom Docker Images

    Creating a Docker Images,Environment Variables,Command vs Entrypoint .

  • Docker Compose, Engine ,Storage & Networking

    Cover storage and networking and engine working.

  • Docker Container Orchestration -Swarm & Kubernetes

    Learn about Container Orchestration , Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Introduction.

  • Comprehensive Review and About Certification Course .

  • Basic Linux System  Administrator Skills .

Duration: 14 days  or 14 hrs

  • Virtual Training
  • Video Classroom
  • Online Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Onsite Training

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