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RHCE - Red Hat Certified Engineer : SA 3

Course offered at Tech Transit are the essential course for those IT Professionals or who
are new to the Linux world and require training in core Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills

If you want to make your career in “Linux Systems Administration ,Security and Server Administrator ” domain then Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) training program will be of great help to you. By joining  Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) training program, we help you enhance your skills. Red Hat Certified Engineer on RHEL 7 certification training will help you develop the basic skills required by any Linux Administrator. You get to know about the importance of Linux in the Enterprise world and why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is preferred choice for Servers. You also get to learn about the installation, configuration and management of Linux Servers. You can start from the fundamentals of Linux to configuring network servers and security.

The RHCE  Training Syllabus comprises of 3 Module , first two module is from RHCSA Part (RH124 , RH134), if you go with Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) course then it will be RHCE Training.

RHCSA : Red Hat Certified System Administrator

  • Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) : SA1
  • Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) : SA2

RHCE : Red Hat Certified Engineer

  • Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) : SA3

Red Hat System Administration III (RH254):

Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) is designed for experienced Linux administrators who require networking and security administration skills. We emphasize on practical training in the labs and this course is lined up experienced Linux administrators´ job tasks and the skills required for advancement. We focus on enhancing the automation skills of the students to securely configure, deploy and manage network services including DNS, Apache, SMTP and network file sharing. Also, the course emphasizes on security including monitoring, packet filtering, access controls and SELinux. After the completion of the course the students will be familiar with the RHCE  administration skills and will have exposure to all competencies tested by the RHCSA and RHCE exams.

Linux IT professionals that can demonstrate the competencies needed to earn an RHCSA, but have not passed the RHCSA exam provided with the Red Hat System Administration II course.

  • Senior Linux system administrators who require networking and security administration skills.
  • Linux IT professionals who are currently RHCSA, and are interested in earning an RHCE certification.

32 Hours

Regular Track 

Course Duration:- 10 days / 3 Hours per day

Fast Track

Course Duration:- 8 days  / 4 Hours per day

  • Managing Services and the boot-up process using systemctl
  • Configuring IPv6 networking
  • Configure link aggregation and bridging ( Network Teaming & Software Bridges )
  • Control network port security : Firewalld
  • Manage DNS for servers & Caching Name server
  • Configure email Transmission
  • Provide block ­based storage : iSCSI
  • File­ based storage : NFS & SAMBA
  • Installing & configuring MariaDB Databases
  • Web Services ( Apache HTTPD )
  • Writing Bash Shell Scripts
  • Bash Shell Scripts with Conditionals and Control Structures
  • Configuring the Shell Environment

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